Wild Bird Retreat


One for the bird lovers. The land this grove stands on has been designated a protected area to encourage the many species of migrating birds that pass through the countryside here.
In the middle of the groves stands an old abandoned stone house. Though now it is a picturesque ruin, it would have been a rural home once. A family lived on the top floor, while the ground floor was given over to their sheep.
In the distance, small villages sit atop the surrounding hills. This is an area of uncontaminated countryside that still holds proudly on to its rural past and traditions.


Medium-fruity with notes of artichoke and green apple.


Fresh fruity taste with a mild peppery finish.


Ideal with meat and fish. Goes well with vegetables, especially sweeter-tasting ones.

Olive Varieties

Leccino, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno

Nicolino planted this grove to mark the birth of his first-born son. He worked hard, investing in new trees every few years, carefully studying combinations of varietals for his coastal grove. The original trees have grown and so has his son, who now helps harvest the olives every year!

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