Sea and Golden Fields


An olive grove set on a hill near the sparkling Adriatic sea. In summer, wheat is a popular crop, and it carpets the land all the way from here down to the coastline. The land on these hills is fertile, and the area is rich in olive groves, vineyards and fruit orchards. Despite its favourable climate and vicinity to the sea, this stretch of coastline remains unspoilt and uncrowded. That means less people, less industry, clean air and superb olive oil.


Medium-fruity with notes of artichoke and green apple.


Fresh fruity taste with a mild peppery finish.


Ideal with meat and fish. Goes well with vegetables, especially sweeter-tasting ones.

Olive Varieties

Leccino, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno

Nicolino planted this grove to mark the birth of his first-born son. He worked hard, investing in new trees every few years, carefully studying combinations of varietals for his coastal grove. The original trees have grown and so has his son, who now helps harvest the olives every year!

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