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The Terra Adopt olive tree adoption project promotes a farm-to-table approach that we believe benefits both producer and consumer. By bringing people closer to the countryside through their tree adoption and receipt of their very own extra virgin olive oil, we hope to re-ignite an interest in agricultural practices and how safeguarding the countryside is essential for these time-old processes. Olive tree adoption is one way of putting farmers in control of their destinies. Positive knock-on effects are that the longevity of farming traditions and knowledge will be safeguarded and the classic rural Italian landscape, one of the mainstays of Italian tourism, will be preserved.


why adopt

Not only will you receive our gorgeous adoption pack containing two bottles of extra virgin olive oil from your chosen grove, but you will also be helping us guarantee a fair price for farmers. Many small farmers have been squeezed out of the market by big oil multi-nationals who have driven prices so low that farming for profit has become unsustainable. In supporting smaller farmers you will be helping to preserve the landscape, protect land from property speculation and conserve age-old agricultural traditions and practices. Plus you’ll have some top-quality, truly traceable olive oil!

Choose from one of three olive groves. When you adopt a tree you'll receive our gorgeous adoption pack containing two bottles of extra virgin olive oil from your grove.

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An olive grove set on a hill near the sparkling Adriatic sea. In summer, wheat carpets the land all the way from here down to the coastline. The land on these hills is fertile, and the area is rich in olive groves...

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Lost in the hills, this small olive grove has a fantastic panorama of wild countryside and attracts all kinds of local wildlife. The land this olive grove stands on also boasts a small copse...

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One for the bird lovers. The land this grove stands on has been designated a protected area to encourage the many species of migrating birds that pass through the countryside here...

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Autumn. Farmers scan the sky searching for black storm clouds that could sweep away their precious olives and wait for that magical moment when their crops are the perfect green-black hue to start spreading their olive nets.

Sea and Golden Fields olive grove

Harvest time

The harvest

November in Italy. Freshly pressed wine and chestnuts, the first wisps of woodsmoke in the air and families on standby to pitch in with the annual olive harvest. As the new season oil trickles bright green out of the presses children watch wide-eyed and eager, slices of fresh bread in their hand, ready to devour 'pane e olio ' with this year’s new oil. Adults anticipate their first taste too, waiting for that initial spicy kick that catches the back of the throat, instant marker of a quality oil.

Late autumn is the best time of year to taste extra virgin olive oil at its peak. Why not adopt a tree as an original Christmas gift for a loved one?

Harvest time at the Woodland Wilds grove. Up in the hills the clean air and sparsely populated countryside make for great growing conditions and superb oil.

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The Olive Harvest

A Farmer's Job

Harvesting olives for oil is more complex that it might first seem! An olive farmer usually plants their grove according to common combinations of olive varietals. However, when it comes to pressing the olives they must also take into account the results of that year's harvest, which can be affected by weather conditions or pests that could have altered the yield of their plants. It’s a tricky job requiring sound knowledge of olive variety characteristics, careful planning of when is the right time to harvest and an instinct for mixing olive types in order to predict what an oil might taste like when it trickles out of the presses.