The Terra Adopt olive tree adoption project was born of two dreamers’ passion for the Italian countryside. Sick of seeing swathes of land sold to the highest bidder, olive groves ripped up, and noble olive trees sold far and wide, Frankie and Giuseppe decided that they wanted to do something to help protect Italy’s ancient landscapes. Their idea is to give farmers the chance to continue doing what they do best, while safeguarding their livelihood and the landscape by offering the chance to adopt olive trees in their groves. Choose from one of three olive groves.


One of the mainstays of the Italian economy is tourism, and since the days of the Grand Tour, tourists have been attracted to Italy precisely because of its incredible landscapes. Olive groves, an integral part of those landscapes, are under threat because multi-nationals have driven olive oil prices so low that olive farmers can no longer get a fair price for their olive oil. They are selling up their groves in droves and rampant property speculation is spreading across the countryside.


The Terra Adopt olive tree adoption project encourages farmers to take control of their own destinies by deciding on what they consider a fair price for their olive oil. At the same time, it aims to safeguard the landscape by ‘protecting’ their olive trees through yearly adoptions. We want to give Italy’s olive groves another chance to shine, but we need your help!

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…out foodies!


We believe in good food, not flash-in-the-pan foodie trends, and we embrace the maxims of Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food movement, that food should be good, clean, and fair. We make it our responsibility to search out farmers making high quality products and to pay them a fair price. In order to appreciate how good our farmers’ unadulterated extra virgin olive oil really is, we want you to understand its origins and journey. When you adopt a tree from us, you will accompany your oil from tree, to harvest, to table. Choose an olive grove and adopt today.

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